Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we read a lot of great stories, my favorite reading this year was Sula. It was the most interesting novel because it had a lot of strange customs and things that happened in their lives. I would have liked to not read the poetry, I just cant stand poetry and I don't ever see the underlying meanings from stanza to stanza. I would have liked to read some of the Nicholas Sparks novels. He has great imagery while reading the novel, it is like a movie playing in your head at the same time. I have really enjoyed this class and the reading selections as a whole. I prefer contemporary literature to the other types of literature and this has been a really interesting class.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I felt the almost the same way the author did. This was a graphic novel so obviously it entails many pictures and symbolism to create the story line and the words are only a supplement to the pictures. When someone is trying to read while processing the pictures and symbolism at the same time, especially without having comic book experience, could be almost mind boggling. I do think it would take some practice and some know how and more than one reading to be able to grasp the full content of the story. I like to picture as a movie and I do believe that if you just read it, it makes it better.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


In the novel Atonement, I definitely feel that Briony has acheived the atonement about her mistake more than anyone in the story. Her mistake has ruined the life of many people and has created her to have this awful doubt in her head. She was a small girl at the time and though she felt very confident about her decision and accusation. I feel that also, Robbie did not recieve his atonment because he was never able to hear Briony say she was wrong and had to endure to pains of his injury and also his accusations and dirty looks by other people. The enviroment of the book does play a role is the lack of atonement for Robie because he was only a gardner and the class as Briony.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Free Response Week

The story I would like to reflect on is Pet milk. I felt this story had a very good message to send about love even though there was the underlying fact that they would be parting ways very soon. The narrator was very much in love with Kate and I really respected how he took and noticed everything even down to the details of her knees. I was funny that he felt Kate was even more beautiful in her reflection in the picture than when he just looked at her in person.
Though the couple were paring ways, they made the most of the night when they were celebrating the narrators birthday. They constantly flirted and they it to a new level by becoming very daring on the train. This in my opinion was a very beautiful part of the story because it proved that no matter what the future may hold for the couple, they could still get lost in each other and forget all the bad things in life. They were able to just be together, in love, as their time grew thinner and thinner.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What time is it anyway

Its late, very late, but I cant see the clock to know just how late. I can hear the tic toc of the second hand as it races around the face of the clock. Its so dark and my clock does not glow in the dark. If only I would have spent the extra 7 dollars for the indiglow feature. My wife hasn't returned home yet. Another night at the bar probably. I wish I could go to the bar. I don't have extra money to throw around on booze and smoke. It sure is late. I bet the late show with David Letterman is on right now. He's a funny man. My wife is probably listening to joke with the same dialog at Letterman's right about now. If only I had extra money I could enjoy it with her. As long as she's happy I suppose. Hopefully the baby won't start crying in the middle of the night again, not that it really matters at this point. At least if i do have to get up i can see what time it is. I should've spent the extra 7 dollars. I can't seem to ever splurge just a little for the things I want. It always goes to her, anything she wants, anytime she wants it. The doors just opened, keys just landed on the counter. I feel like she is so inconsiderate sometimes. Ughh...I cant stand her! Shes going to lay beside me like i cant smell the mens cologne in her hair. She looks me in the eyes and the tells me its 2:30 a.m. and asks me why I am still awake. I do love her for somethings though, I finally found out what time its is.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mr.E's Beautiful Blues

Mr E's Beautiful Blues by the Eels would describe Yolanda the best and would be a great theme song. Especially at the end of the story when she kicks Rudy out of the house. One lyric in the song is "the elephant wont forget what its like inside his cage". This is saying that the way a person is treated wont be forgotten and its obvious that she does not forget the way she is treated by Rudy. The beautiful day chorus, I feel is the way she felt when she knew she was strong enough to tell him no and that its a beautiful day now that she is strong and self sure. The song is a little explicit but it proves that treat other as you want to be treated is a serious concept people should consider.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Streetcar Named Desire

In the two clip from A Streetcar Named Desire, I feel that Vivien Leigh had the best grasp on Tennessee Williams' thoughts and wants for this play. Vivien plays the drama to a "T" and created the scene on screen that I had in my head while reading the play. It all came down to the accents and the desperation in her acting that created the true feeling of hysteria that Williams was talking about in the quote. Because of all the hysteria in Williams life, he feels that in order to write passionately you must write about what you no the most about and clearly Williams has had many ups and downs in his life to be able to relate to hysteria and desperation to live and be free of a horrible life. Leigh portrays this the best because of he excess drama and sincerity to the role. The first clip was done well by Jessica Lang but she was less excited and seems less dramatized which I feel was a main desire from Williams.